We’ve rounded up the best free coloring sheets on the internet to help you relax and get into the creative zone!

A row of colored pencils, arranged by color. These would be great to use in the coloring pages for stress relief found in the article below.

Here at Hello, Happy Camper, we believe that creative expression is a fabulous way to cope with life’s stressors. Making art helps calm the mind and create a meditative mental space called flow. Flow is a creative zone or headspace that helps relax the mind and body through artistic expression. Coloring pages are a great way to find your flow.

You don’t have to be a master artist to enjoy the benefits of creative flow. The simple act of coloring can help foster relaxation and emotional release. We encourage you to try coloring as a coping tool when life gets stressful or overwhelming. Coloring is a positive way to calm yourself down and regain emotional control.

The simple act of coloring can help foster relaxation and emotional release.

Download Free Coloring Pages for Adults

Whether you use markers, crayons, or colored pencils, help yourself relax and get into the creative zone with these fun coloring pages from Happy Camper Counseling. Download and print to have an instant artistic outlet.

This free coloring page is available for download. The coloring page shows a hand-drawn Mental Health Matters poster.
This free coloring page, great for stress relief, encourages you to be the best you - showing a butterfly and catepillar.
This free coloring page shows a vintage trailer, out in nature, and has a sign that says "Enjoy Nature".
This free coloring page encourages you to take care of yourself - showing a woman and her self care routine in a bubble bath.

Find More Free Coloring Sheets

Can’t get enough stress-reducing coloring sheets? We can’t either!

Here are a few links to our favorite coloring pages.  These are cute, funny and most promote mental health positivity.

We hope that you find relaxation, peace, and happiness through artistic expression. Let us know if you love to color in the comment box below.

Shop Cool Coloring Books – Great for Stress Relief

Check out our picks for the coolest coloring books. Click the Amazon affiliate links below to purchase your own coloring books.

Happy coloring! Enjoy your coloring books that are great for stress relief.

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This is a poster with a vintage style that promotes Coloring Pages for Stress Relief.
This is a vintage style advertisement showing the DIY Monster Spray labels and spray bottle.
This vintage style advertisement is selling a magnetic feelings chart - a great coping tool for kids.

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