Hello, Happy Camper

My name is Hannah Milford. I’m a licensed mental health therapist, and creator of Happy Camper Counseling.

Since 2013 I’ve provided mental health therapy to so many amazing people. It’s been an absolute joy watching the transformation that happens within the therapeutic relationship. However when the pandemic hit in 2020, everything got turned upside down.

I made the difficult decision to close my little Airstream office, where I had been seeing clients for 8 years. Deciding to close my office limited me and how I can connect with others and help. Now more than ever, people needed support but now have limited access.

I realized the best way to help more people in need is by sharing what I’ve learned as a therapist to a wider audience. I’ve created this wellness blog, Hello Happy Camper, to be a mental health and self-care support resource for people of all ages.

Slowly the world will return to a new normal. We look forward to seeing our clients face-to-face when we are able to up our Airstream office again. We are excited about the future and the launch of our new play Spartan trailer therapy office.

mid century modern camper

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