Happy Camper Counseling offers mental health therapy inside a 1966 Airstream trailer in Austin, Texas.

Learn More about our Airstream office with these before and after photos and interview with Happy camper’s owner, Hannah Milford.

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Hello, my name is Hannah Milford and I am the owner and creator of Happy Camper Counseling. After working in the mental health field for 8 years, I launched my private practice in September 2013. Happy Camper Counseling is a fully operative Airstream therapy office located in Austin, Texas. We provide mental health counseling to children, teens, and adults.

Since an Airstream trailer is an unusual office, I often get a lot of questions about the creation process. I’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions with answers about Happy Camper Counseling’s Airstream office.

1966 Airstream renovation to become a mental health counseling office.

How did you think of Happy Camper Counseling?

The Airstream office is the collision of two worlds. I have always had a fondness for vintage nostalgia.  Plus my family loves RV traveling.  So I jumped on the opportunity to buy a vintage 1966 Airstream trailer. I thought it would be a fun and unique office, I was right!

The goal was to create a different kind of environment and experience for those wanting help with life’s challenges, a fun, and safe environment to promote wellness and healing.

I bought the Airstream from a local RV enthusiast that had already put in a lot of hard work into the trailer. It had new plumbing and electricity but looked like a dark cave.  Not exactly the look I was going for.  Nothing a coat of paint couldn’t handle.

Did you decorate the Airstream yourself?

I did the majority of the refurbishing work myself.  It was fun learning how to work with my hands and create my vision.  I had a full-time job at the time and was working on the trailer on weekends. My friends and family were so supportive and helped me when they could. 

Before and After – Airstream Renovation

Use the sliders on the images below. Move them left and right to compare the Airstream remodel photos.

It took 2 years to get Happy Camper Counseling started. We opened our doors in 2013.

The decoration process took two years of weekend restoration. Designing and planning took a lot of time, having to take into consideration space maximization and how color can affect a person’s mood. I still consider it a work in progress. I’m always changing and adding new things. It has been a fun process!

The Airstream’s decoration definitely reflects my personal style.  I sought to create an environment that’s quiet and comfortable yet colorful and fun; vintage shabby chic meets Peewee’s Play House.

Do people like getting therapy in an Airstream office?

Austin is definitely a fun and funky town. Our town motto is “Keep Austin weird.” Happy Camper Counseling is doing its part! Many of the residents are musicians and artists and love the idea of an unconventional therapy office.  Many feel awkward in stuffy waiting rooms and enjoy a fresh perspective. Happy Camper Counseling was designed to be different from the rest.

This was my first Airstream renovation and it really turned out well. We were able to operate continuously in this location for several years. We temporarily closed the physical business as a result of COVID-19.

What does the future hold for Happy Camper Counseling?

We’re looking forward to opening up Happy Camper Counseling and the Airstream again.

We are excited to be expanding!  We will be introducing a newly remodeled Spartan trailer soon. It is a much bigger trailer that will add two additional therapy rooms.   It requires a lot more work than the Airstream did. The Spartan needs to be gutted and built from the ground up.  It will take time but will be a custom-designed sandtray and play therapy office. We are hoping to open the new trailer for our nine-year anniversary in 2022.

Be sure to check out the related trailer renovation project. We turn a 1955 Spartan Royal Mansion into a new Happy Camper Counseling mental health and play therapy office! You can also find amazing Airstream renovation projects on Pinterest.

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